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AQ Direct Dashboard

Dashboard Details

Each member of AQ Direct has their own dashboard. Your dashboard is where you change your personal information, change your  public profile, view  and organise questionnaires, and view enquiries from patients. Also on your profile page you can have your own set of FAQ.


Here is how.


1. Login with your email address and the password you specified when you registered.


2. You will see this;


1. My Profile 



•Image for profile

•Alphanumeric code

•Mobile number

•Email id


•Clinic Name 

•Qualifications of Anaesthetist 

•Anaesthetic group 

•Address details

•About me (Description of yourself)




You may edit any of these details here, and  preview your profile.


2. Received Questionnaire: Here you can view and organize received emailed questionnaires.

3. Manage Folder: Here you can create subfolders for each surgeon.

4. Received Enquiries :  Here  you can view emailed enquiries.

5. Manage FAQ: Here you can create your own set of FAQ and answers, which the patient can view when they see your profile.