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FAQ for Anaesthetist's using AQ Direct

Q How do I get patient’s to go the AQform website?

Get your surgeon’s secretary to give them your business card or  send and SMS to their mobile phone.

Q Any tips on sending an SMS to patients?

 A fantastic and super efficient way is to use a computer based sms service. I use www.smsbroadcast.com.au. At smsbroadcast I simply type in multiple mobile phone numbers and click my template. Its amazingly quick and easy to do. Here is my template ;

"Dear Patient I am your anaesthetist for you upcoming surgery. Please fill out my online preoperative anaesthetic questionnaire at 

www.aqform.com/pf . Enter my code JB0001

Thanks Dr Jeremy Buttsworth (Specialist anaesthetist)"

Alternatively you can sms from your mobile phone. I copy and paste here to make it more efficient.

Q What is the alphanumeric link?

When a doctor registers with AQ Direct, the doctor chooses an alphanumeric link consisting of two letters and 4 numbers.  E.g. MP4400

Q How does the patient log on?

When the patient clicks on to www.aqform.com/pf they are prompted to enter the alphanumeric link.

Q Do my details come up after the patient logs on?

Yes your name will come up and the patient confirms you are their Anaesthetist and proceeds to the questionnaire.

Q What if the patient enters the wrong alphanumeric code?

Your details wont come up and they will be asked to re enter the code.

Q Do you have any tips on organising the patients questionnaires after I have received them?

Set up subcategories in your email, one for each surgeon.  On the day of surgery, when you go to see patients, simply look in that surgeon’s subcategory.

Q When a patient submits a questionnaire, how many copies are there?

You will receive a copy, the patient will receive a copy and a copy will be on your webmail site.

Q When I receive a patient’s questionnaire there is a link to delete the web copy. Why is that?

Its the policy of AQ Direct to not store health questionnaires on the web. The risk is small, but we think its worth minimising.

Q What security measures are used to protect data?

Communication and transfer of data from the patient’s device, and the doctor’s device to and from the AQ Direct server is protected by encryption technology.

Q What is the cost of using AQ Direct?

Three month free trial. After this you have three finacial options.

1) 50c/questionnaire plus gst, 2) $15/month plus gst, 3) $150/year plus gst

Q Is it possible to give feedback and suggestions to AQ Direct?

Yes. AQ Direct welcomes feedback and suggestions. We anticipate further refinements based on this.

Q I have a suggestion. Where do I send it?
Q What is the difference between AQ Direct and AQform?

AQdirect is the name of the company, the business-trading name and domain name.  www.aqform.com/pf  is the website that patients are directed to to fill out the questionnaire.

Q Do patients experience technical problems filling out and submitting the questionnaire?

Very infrequently technical issues arise for a variety of reasons, user error, wireless signal dropping out, firewalls. Etc.  In most cases redoing the questionnaire works.

Q Can patients fill out the questionnaire from their mobile phone?

Yes the website has been designed to be mobile friendly.

Q How soon do patients respond to a request to fill out the questionnaire?

A sample of 25 requests sent on Thursday evening was typical.  To send out the sms requests took 10 minutes. Before sending out the last sms replies were already coming in. 90% replied in 24hrs. Last 10% within 48 hrs, all well before there surgical day.

Q Have there been situations where early communication has been especially useful?

Yes. This has been a satisfying aspect of using AQ Direct. It improves communication preoperatively effortlessly.  As well as patients health information, the questionnaire has a message section where the patient can effectively ask a question or raise a concern.

Q Can you give some examples?

A patient wrote a message regarding pain relief concerns. She was unable to take NSAID and was intolerant of most opoid-based medications. I was able to develop an analgesic plan with the patient and relieve her anxiety well before surgery.

Q Have you rescheduled or cancelled patients?

Yes; A patient was booked for a dental procedure in a small inner city hospital. The oral surgeon unaware of patient’s strong MH family history. I was able to cancel the surgery and refer to an appropriate hospital. AQ Direct enables early warning, allowing for prompt and effective intervention.

Q What have been patient’s reactions to filling out the questionnaire?

Overwhelmingly positive. Frequent comments have been; “very professional”, “no problem at all” “brilliant”.

Q Has it made your practice life easier? What’s the best thing for you?

I couldn't be without it. You get all the informtion you need so easily. I don't print it out, which suits my philosophy of going paperless. One of the best things is the ability to plan my week ahead. I can read all of my questionnaires prior to the week starting, flagging difficult cases and resolving issues before they even arise. It has definitely reduced not only my stress levels, but my patients too, which is fantastic.